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App created to help track and manage PPE during COVID-19 pandemic

App created to help track and manage PPE during COVID-19 pandemic

Healthcare analytics firm, AdviseInc, has created a free Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) tracking app, powered by Qlik, to help health and social care organisations track and manage stocks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

AdviseInc developed the application – StockWatch – after it discovered that most NHS Trusts were using Excel spreadsheets with inconsistent data to track PPE logistics.

In partnership with Catalyst BI, AdviseInc developed the free application, using Qlik Sense analytics capabilities to provide real time data visualisations and insights, as well as predictive forecasting, to support material and procurement management teams in sourcing and supplying PPE to public services.

The needs-driven data and AI application is now used by more than 200 organisations across the country, including 70 NHS trusts, social services, mental health services, ambulance services, charities and GP practices.

Neil Hind, NHS procurement programme director for Greater Manchester, said: “The StockWatch application has enabled us to better understand and track PPE across all of our public services in Greater Manchester. In a matter of days, we’ve gone from spreadsheets and inconsistent data to a clean, single source of the truth that is updated in near real-time. We have 26 different public services using this application – across healthcare, local authorities, and transport providers. StockWatch informs a core part of our daily meetings, helping us to monitor stock levels of PPE across the region, better forecast demand, and then distribute resources accordingly. Ultimately, it has allowed us to ensure we have the right equipment to allow our essential workers to continue caring for patients.” 

The StockWatch system provides an interface, which allows procurement managers to input their existing stock levels and usage into a database, and enables them to see the state of PPE resources throughout their region. Delivered using the Qlik complete data analytics platform, public service providers can see how much stock they have left, how long it will last them based on past usage, what they need to get more of, and where other organisations might have additional stock that they can use. 

These real-time analytics enable public services to identify where excess PPE could be reallocated to other healthcare providers that have a greater need. This not only maximises the value of available stock but also enables frontline staff to continue to work at full capacity while remaining protected.

Mat Oram, co-founder and CEO of AdviseInc, said: “The rollout of this tool started as an urgent response to demand from existing healthcare customers to have a more agile approach to managing their PPE resources, and its use has exploded across NHS Trusts, and the wider health and social care sector. We’re thankful that Qlik has offered to provide their technology free of charge as part of this solution so we’re able to offer the NHS this application at no-cost, particularly given the significant impact it is already having on many trusts and other healthcare providers’ ability to better utilise critical PPE resources.”

Adam Mayer, senior manager at Qlik added: “Healthcare providers faced an urgent challenge in getting Britain’s frontline workers the PPE needed to safely provide key services. Managing the distribution of protective equipment at this scale using manual data input and Excel spreadsheets would be nigh impossible due to the constant shift in demand and resource availability. We commend AdviseInc for identifying how the use of advanced analytics and AI could help health and social care providers better manage their PPE supply chain. We’re delighted that we’re able to offer our capabilities to support this important initiative that helps valued frontline workers to continue safely caring for those affected by the pandemic.”

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