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Predictions for Canadian Healthcare IT 2021

Dr. Chris Hobson By Dr. Chris Hobson 2020 was an unprecedented year. The healthcare IT landscape in Canada is evolving rapidly as it tries to balance the need to respond effectively and urgently to the COVID-19 pandemic while continuing to manage challenges already placing immense pressure on the Canadian healthcare system. What will 2021 hold for healthcare IT in Canada? Focus on COVID-19 data and improved predictive modelling As jurisdictions continue to grapple with the COVID-19 crisis, the importance of high-quality data and sound predictive scenario-based modelling will become more apparent. Decisions on opening and closing businesses, schools and so on depend on an effort to balance the need to manage the spread of the disease with trying to keep the economy functioning. Nine months ...

Innovation in COVID-19 testing solutions offer hope to communities that need it most

Dr. Mario Thomas, CEO, Precision Biomonitoring, speaks to the importance of continued advancements in Canada’s testing space in response to COVID-19 and beyond. Improving healthcare outcomes now and into the future. COVID-19 has challenged traditional approaches to healthcare. The global pandemic has provided Canada with the opportunity to see the capabilities within our own healthcare system. Canadians have adapted and innovated quickly to meet the immediate, yet evolving, needs of the public, and this ability to adapt is arguably most evident in the testing space. From the very beginning of the pandemic, testing has been front and center, and while it is universally agreed that testing is a critical piece of the COVID-19 puzzle, it has not been perfect. Testing strategies have varied gre...

The future of healthcare is less invasive

By Neil Fraser As Canada heads into winter and closes the door on 2020, hospitals are feeling increasingly snowed in by rising COVID-19 cases and growing wait lists for diagnostic and surgical procedures, estimated by Deloitte to be over 300,000 procedures in Canada. As we open the door to a new year, how can we avoid taking one step forward and two steps back as the pandemic forces hospitals to deal with the conflicting demands of clearing surgical backlogs and creating inpatient bed capacity? The problem is big, but the answer is less invasive. One of the greatest lessons the pandemic has taught us is that we need to prioritize solutions that free up bed capacity and reduce the burden on healthcare professionals, while also reducing the risk of virus and infection exposure to both clinic...

Start-up Profile – Flexiv – ‘Adaptive’ Robotics Solutions Empowered by Advanced Force Control

Flexiv provides turnkey automation solutions based on adaptive robots powered by advanced force control, computer vision and AI technologies. By Dan Kara | November 29, 2020 Editor’s Note: Robotics Business Review’s coverage emphasizes innovation, including start-up companies (or ‘young’ companies). RBR “Start-Up Profiles” highlight individual start-up companies using a consistent, templated format that makes for quick, yet informed reading, that also simplifies comparative analysis. Flexiv – Company Profile City: Santa Clara State: California Country: USA # of Employees: 100 URL: www.flexiv.com Founded: 2016 Founders – Shiquan Wang (CEO), Xiyang Yeh (CTO), Shuyun Chung (Chief Robotics Scientist) Funding Status – Series A+, with over US $22M funding amount in total Flexiv provides a one-st...

RoboBusiness Direct to Examine Industrial Automation Using ROS, UV Disinfection Robots Using 3D Vision

In his RoboBusiness Direct session, a Robot Operating System expert at the Southwest Research Institute how do develop safe advanced automation. In addition, a DreamVu robotics expert will break out how omnidirectional 3D vision can help disinfection robots. By RBR Staff | November 27, 2020 Listen to this article Manufacturers of aerospace parts, heavy machinery, and other industrial equipment require large automated systems for painting, surface finishing, inspection, and more. These systems often employ a gantry outfitted with an industrial manipulator to extend the work envelope over many meters. Due to their sheer size and associated costs, such automation must perform multiple operations to provide an adequate return on investment. Automating such large, multi-process-systems poses ch...

2020/11/11 DARPA Selects Teams to Further Advance Dogfighting Algorithms

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2020/11/09 DARPA Awards Contracts for Work on Spinal Cord Injury Treatment

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2020/11/06 DARPA Selects Teams to Modify Skin Microbiome for Disease Prevention

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