2020/11/11 DARPA Selects Teams to Further Advance Dogfighting Algorithms

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2020/11/09 DARPA Awards Contracts for Work on Spinal Cord Injury Treatment

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2020/09/28 DARPA’s PALS Program Enters Second Phase

Because marine organisms observe changes in their environment using a combination of senses, they offer unique insights into the underwater world that are difficult to replicate using traditional engineering techniques. DARPA’s Persistent Aquatic Living Sensors (PALS) program aims to leverage this phenomenon to augment the Department of Defense’s existing, hardware-based maritime monitoring capabilities. The program, launched in November 2018, is now entering its second phase. In the first phase, teams demonstrated that marine organisms could sense the presence of an underwater vehicle (or confounder) in their environment and respond with an output signal or other observable behavior. This required performers to not only identify organisms with an appropriate, unique, and measurable signal...

2020/09/28 Subterranean Challenge Identifies Qualified Teams for Cave Circuit Virtual Competition

DARPA’s Subterranean (SubT) Challenge will host its Cave Circuit Virtual Competition, which focuses on innovative solutions to map, navigate, and search complex, simulated cave environments November 17. Previously, DARPA held Tunnel Circuit and Urban Circuit events featuring both Virtual and Systems (physical) Competitions in which teams demonstrated their autonomy, networking, perception, and mobility capabilities in human-made tunnel and urban underground environments. Qualified teams have until Oct. 15 to develop and submit software-based solutions for the Cave Circuit via the SubT Virtual Portal, where their technologies will face unknown cave environments in the cloud-based SubT Simulator. Until then, teams can refine their roster of selected virtual robot models, choose sensor payloa...

2020/09/24 Victoria Coleman Sworn In as 22nd DARPA Director

The Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering, Mr. Michael Kratsios, today administered the oath of office to Dr. Victoria Coleman, who was recently appointed as the 22nd director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Coleman succeeds Dr. Steven Walker who left the agency in January 2019. Dr. Peter Highnam, who has been DARPA deputy director since January 2018, had been serving as acting director since Walker’s departure. Most recently, Coleman was a senior advisor on microelectronics technology policy to the director of the Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society (CITRIS) at the University of California, Berkeley. Before her time at Berkeley, Coleman was the CEO of Atlas AI P.B.C, a Silicon Valley startup that sought t...