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COVID-19 testing booth developed and named after Boris Johnson

COVID-19 testing booth developed and named after Boris Johnson

Door frame manufacturer Simplis has developed a COVID-19 testing booth that aims to make it safer for the NHS frontline tester, and for the patient.

The product has been named after the UK prime minister, dubbed the #BorisBooth. The booth avoids the testers coming into contact with the patient or having to lean into the patient’s car.

Simplis believe that testing is soon to become commonplace and it is critical that the patient and the tester feel safe conducting the test.

Whilst the idea isn’t new with South Korea and India already having a similar solutions, and a similar solution having recently been launched in Israel, Simon Crabtree, MD of Simplis, spotted that UK testers were leaning into cars to conduct tests with bare sleeves and limited PPE protection.

Crabtree said: “Our staff hadn’t really considered it before, but understanding the bravery of those working in the NHS today with the possibility of them infecting their families was all the motivation our staff needed to decide to do what we could to beat the virus.

“I am very proud of our team, many of whom have had misgivings about coming in but who have pulled together to do everything we can to support the NHS and develop this product.  Some of us are working from home but most of our machinery weighs several tons so that wasn’t an option for most of us.

“We are hoping that we can make a difference, come out of this still intact and still with our jobs secure and that we might even see Boris in one of our #BorisBooths.”

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