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Greenlight Guru launches Training Management workspace

Greenlight Guru launches Training Management workspace

Medical device quality management software platform Greenlight Guru has launched its dedicated Training Management workspace, providing quality teams the ability to track and produce evidence that employees have been effectively trained on processes, procedures, changes and other QMS documentation.

Training can involve a lot of cumbersome and disconnected legacy tools, paper-pushing and checkbox activities, making managing and tracking training activities and records a burdensome process. 

Greenlight Guru’s dedicated Training Management workspace simplifies regulatory compliance and eliminates administrative overhead by streamlining the creation, assignment and tracking of training activities.

David DeRam, CEO at Greenlight Guru, said: “Training continues to come up more and more during audits and, until now, it has been difficult for medical device companies to keep their entire training process organised and accessible. With Training Management, we aim to alleviate the compliance and training burdens that currently plague these programs by eliminating manual processes. With Greenlight Guru’s Training Management, trainers can prepare training activities in a couple of clicks, then track and provide objective evidence that your employees have been effectively trained on processes, procedures, changes, and updates – all in a single, integrated closed-loop quality system. Trainers gain access to complete, accurate and up-to-date training activities, helping them maintain audit-readiness while making the training experience more streamlined and accessible for trainees.” 

Other features available through the dedicated Training Management module include:

  • Automated training tasks and notifications on assigned training activities
  • Part 11 compliant sign-off, audit trails, and password requirements
  • Require a trainer sign-off to ensure training activities are effective
  • Personalised dashboard to view assigned and outstanding training activities
  • Easy to view tracking and status of assigned training tasks for trainers by document level or by individual/group

  • Auto-generated training logs and records to provide objective evidence and traceability for training and compliance
  • Provide relevant attachments as supporting evidence of external training events.

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