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New test aims to measure protective immunity to COVID-19

New test aims to measure protective immunity to COVID-19

Diagnostic testing lab franchise, ARCpoint Labs, has announced a collaboration with Ethos Laboratories, in order to bring a brand new test to market that measures protective immunity to COVID-19. 

Tru-Immune by Ethos Laboratories is a surrogate Viral Neutralisation Test (sVNT) that evaluates COVID-19 protective immunity in the United States. Unlike other tests currently on the market, Tru-Immune detects the presence and magnitude of neutralising antibodies against the SARS-CoV-2 virus that could prevent future infection.

John Constantine, CEO of ARCpoint Franchise Group, said: “This test will provide personalised information that has not been available before. This is the first test that can give you an indication of how effective your antibodies are at fighting COVID-19.

“We are excited about what this means for individuals, and the value it provides as they make decisions about returning to work and other activities safely and with confidence. ARCpoint Labs is proud to be the first national network of collection sites for Tru-Immune as we roll this out.

“Behind the scenes, we’re all geeking out about the science involved in this test, but we’re most excited about how this information will help with vaccine development and convalescent plasma donations, which could be potentially life-saving. Until we have a vaccine, this could be the strongest defence we have to fight COVID-19.”

Dr. Joshua Gunn, CSO of Ethos research and development added: “Tru-Immune is the first test to evaluate protective immunity to the SARS-CoV-2 virus that does not require the use of live virus, cell culture or even pseudovirus. These significant innovations allow us to process samples in less than three hours, compared to viral neutralisation tests that can take three to five days to produce results.

“If test results indicate the presence of neutralising antibodies, that means you’ve been exposed, and your immune system is capable of inhibiting the virus if you are exposed again.”

More studies will be required to better understand how long the protective antibody response lasts in recovered patients, and this information will be key for developing effective vaccine strategies. Tru-Immune has not yet been approved by the FDA for Emergency Use Authorisation, however, Ethos Laboratories has submitted data and statements to the FDA for review.

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