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NHS Trust launches low-code solution to provide COVID-19 test results

NHS Trust launches low-code solution to provide COVID-19 test results

NHS Dumfries and Galloway launched a new a messaging solution in order to update staff and patients quickly on COVID-19 test outcomes.

The Trust anticipated that, as testing increased, staff and patients would be anxious to receive their COVID-19 results – and that this would lead to an increased number of calls to frontline staff for answers. 

The Board approached long-term partner Netcall to provide an extension to the existing digital technology solution to address this issue. The product is already part of the Board’s long-term strategy to transform their paper-based patient communication systems to a digital one. Within two weeks, the Board has put in place a brand-new solution that automates the delivery of results to patients.

Due to the health and safety measures that were put in place, visiting the site to implement the software was not an option. Everything had to happen remotely – from design and testing, right through to deployment via cloud architecture.

When a patient’s results are uploaded to Netcall’s Patient Hub Result module, an SMS is sent, prompting the patient to visit an NHS log-in page. The patient logs in and is then sent a one-time code as two-factor authentication. Upon entering this code, the patient can view the status of their results – pending, positive or negative. This removes the need for patients to contact the NHS Board directly to follow up on test results, as they can check the status any time from their mobile phone. This is accompanied by the provision of documents for follow-up guidance. The system also knows that the patient has read the message.

For positive results, a ‘request a call back’ feature has been added along with relevant NHS advice for managing COVID-19 symptoms. As soon as an advisor is available, Netcall’s Liberty Converse contact centre system, which has been integrated with a new Result module, automatically places a call between the advisor and patient. The platform then gives the advisor a screenshot of all the patient’s information, saving an average of 30 seconds per call.

Since the implementation of the messaging solution in early April, NHS Dumfries and Galloway has an uptake of patients, with around 60% now using the platform to access their results.

Building on the initial implementation, the NHS Board and Netcall are now working on improving the accessibility features of the platform to make it available to a wider range of users, such as vision-impaired patients. The Board is also looking to move to the full deployment of Patient Hub integrated with its contact centre, to cater for patients across all departments and with any condition.

Graham Gault, general manager ICT, NHS Dumfries and Galloway, said: “It has been amazing to see how quickly the Result solution has been put in place, despite the challenges of remote working. Netcall has worked with our developers to develop a system that is already delivering impressive results, and helping reduce the burden on our frontline workers, whilst providing an exceptional and streamlined user experience for our patients. We are already seeing the benefits and look forward to the implementation of the next phase in the coming weeks.”

Tony Britton, NHS Dumfries and Galloway account manager, Netcall, added: “Whilst phase one of the Patient Hub focused on responding proactively to the current Coronavirus crisis, the full system can be used for a variety of scenarios, such as appointment management and secure messaging. The Result module is an extremely positive prospect – which has already yielded huge benefits in this pandemic setting – and we are looking forward to build on this success and make this solution available to other healthcare customers.”

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