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Partnership aims to ‘transform’ connected devices and systems

Partnership aims to ‘transform’ connected devices and systems

L2S2 is working together with Arm to bring an offering to the healthtech market aimed to transform the delivery of regulatory compliant connected medical devices and digital health systems, reducing time, costs and risks.

COVID-19 has stimulated uptake of new technologies that connect patients and clinicians. Health conditions are monitored increasingly with medical devices and connected applications. Data protection and medical device regulations can create barriers to healthcare market entry, and these devices and data need to be trusted to provide actionable insights. 

Philip Gaffney, L2S2 CEO, said: “The announcement of this collaboration with Arm is a very exciting moment for L2S2. We are delighted to have been chosen by Arm as a healthcare partner.”

The L2S2 Managed Medical Device Cloud (MMDC) builds on top of the Arm Mbed OS and Pelion IoT platform to help hospitals, doctors offices and medical device manufacturers overcome many of these barriers to healthtech development and deployment. This enables medical devices and data to be connected and managed throughout the lifecycle at scale. The MMDC architecture and integrated regulatory approval solution permit MMDC to remotely collect patient data, analyse the data and interface directly with clinician’s patient record systems.

L2S2 is a supplier of compliant solutions for the healthcare market. L2S2’s solutions accelerate development and deployment of new medical-device-grade products, from devices to apps. It ensures compliant data management ‘out of the box’, connection to established healthcare IT systems and reduction in product lifecycle costs. L2S2’s Reassure products also provide a channel to market for new entrants.

Jane Aldridge, L2S2 COO, said: “Healthcare costs are rising rapidly and there is a chronic shortfall of healthcare workers, particularly in less developed countries. Home based proactive care and monitoring using innovative devices and sophisticated data analysis is our shared vision of the future. The partnership that we are announcing today brings this future closer.”

Arm Mbed OS enables device manufacturers to develop IoT connected products, reducing time to market, cost and risk. The Arm Pelion IoT platform provides a foundation of composable IoT services spanning connectivity, device and data management.

Hima Mukkamala, senior VP IOT platform for Arm, said: “Connected medical devices provide a tremendous opportunity in helping healthcare professionals deliver better patient care through more actionable data insights, but these devices and data must be secured and trusted. The L2S2 MMDC and Pelion IoT platform securely connect, manage and update IoT devices and data, enabling doctors to make more informed decisions from the trusted data.”

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