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RoboBusiness Direct Fall 2020 Series Launches With Expanded Program

RoboBusiness Direct Fall 2020 Series Launches With Expanded Program

New Program, Ongoing Goal
RoboBusiness DirectRoboBusiness Direct is designed to foster robotics innovation, expand robotics business opportunities, and build a community of like-minded problem solvers with the goal of driving the growth of robotics businesses, as well as the global robotics sector.

Brightest Minds, Leading Companies
More than a webinar or virtual event, RoboBusiness Direct is an ongoing, integrated series of presentations and media coverage delivered by brightest minds from the leading robotics and automation companies from around the world. The program runs weekly from August 27, 2020 until December. More information about the RoboBusiness Direct speakers, sessions schedule can be found HERE.

Registration for RoboBusiness Direct is now open. There is no charge to register for RoboBusiness Direct programs.

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Developing Robots That Can Promote Social-Emotional Learning in Children
–  Paolo Pirjanian, CEO, Embodied
August 27, 2020

What’s New and Next in Robotics for Manufacturing
–  Gregorio Balandran, R&T Engineered Factory, Automation Manager, Spirit AeroSystems
–  Satyandra K. Gupta, Professor, Viterbi School of Engineering, University of Southern California
–  Arnold Kravitz, Chief Technology Officer, ARM Institute
–  Elena Messina, Group Leader, Manipulation & Mobility, National Institute of Standards and Technology
–  Suzy Teele, Head of Marketing and Communications, ARM Institute
September 03, 2020

The Business Value of Autonomous Mobile Robots
–  Ash Sharma, Managing Director, Interact Analysis
September 10, 2020

Using ROS for Reproducible Robotics Results
–  Ricardo Tellez, CEO, The Construct
September 18, 2020

Radical Transparency: Digital Manufacturing Ecosystems Deliver Traceability, Compliance & Quality
–  Jean Olivieri, Chief Operating Officer, Fictiv
September 22, 2020

The Healthcare Robotics Opportunity Landscape
–  Corey Ryan, Manager of Medical Robotics,  KUKA Robotics
September 24, 2020

A New Dawn of Real-World Robots
–  Rodney Brooks, Founder and CTO, Robust.AI
October 01, 2020

Delivering on the Promise of Autonomy – The Importance of Constrained ODD for a Faster Time to Market
–  Apeksha Kumavat, Co-Founder and Chief Engineer, Gatik
October 08, 2020

Advanced Actuation as a Robotics Capabilities Enablers
–  Brian Coyne, VP of Engineering, Harmonic Drive LLC
October 15, 2020

Building a Surgical Robotics Startup to Succeed
–  Dwight Meglan, Co-founder and CTO, Heartland Surgical
October 22, 2020

Exoskeletons and Assistive Systems
–  Conor Walsh, Professor, Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University
October 29, 2020

The Future of Robotics: Research to Commercialization
–  Tom Ryden, Executive Director, MassRobotics
November 05, 2020

Digital Transformation: Creating Smarter, More Connected Robots
–  John Mcleney, Corporate Vice President of Strategy, PTC
November 13, 2020

The Commercial Unmanned Maritime Systems Opportunity
–  Nicolaus Radford, CEO and CTO, Houston Mechatronics
November 20, 2020

The Commercial Unmanned Maritime Systems Opportunity
–  Matthew Robinson, ROS-Americas Program Manager, Southwest Research Institute
December 3, 2020

The Future of Human Robot Collaboration:Developing the Next Generation of Industrial, Commercial and Consumer Robotics Systems
  –  Laura Major, CTO, Motional
–  Julie Shah, Associate Professor, Head of Interactive Robotics Group, MIT
  –  Tom Ryden, Executive Director, MassRobotics
December 11, 2020

Surgical Robotics: Hype, Hope, or Improved Health Outcomes?
–  Maria Shepherd, President, Medi-Vantage
December 17, 2020

Registration Open
Registration for RoboBusiness Direct program is now open. Registration is FREE. To view the RoboBusiness Direct schedule, review speakers and session topics, or register for RoboBusiness Direct programs click HERE.

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