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Smart battery producer chosen to provide stock to ventilator manufacturer

Smart battery producer chosen to provide stock to ventilator manufacturer

Epsilor Electric Fuel, which develops and manufactures smart batteries and chargers, was chosen to provide thousands of rechargeable lithium batteries to an Israeli manufacturer of automatic ventilation machines, as part the fight against the Coronavirus.

The batteries are being provided to a medical device company within weeks as part of the efforts to improve readiness ahead of possible outbreak of a second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Portable batteries are a critical component of ventilation machines. Although critical care ventilators are usually connected to the electricity, the battery serves as a backup in case of a possible power shortage, or if there is a need to move the patient, while he is connected to the machine.

Ronen Badichi, president of Epsilor Electric Fuel, said: “We have witnessed a growing demand for medical batteries and chargers both from Israel and international medical device companies and we are working in full capacity to address the COVID-19 challenge.

“The company’s battery packs and chargers already meet international medical regulatory standards, but we had to quickly convert production lines and make the required adjustments in several of our products, to meet the growing need for medical batteries in very tight deadlines.

“In recent weeks we have identified a real shift in the medical device industry. Fears of a second wave, and higher awareness to the medical sector needs, has led to the accelerated development of new medical devices, including those that are not directly connected to treating the virus. We foresee, that as these technologies become more mature, investment budgets will grow accordingly and Epsilor Electric Fuel, which has been active in the medical device field for years, is allocating resources to support this industry.”

Epsilor has recently passed the Medical Device Quality Standard Audit for ISO-13485.

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