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“Two spit test” can produce COVID-19 results in 10 minutes

“Two spit test” can produce COVID-19 results in 10 minutes

Cambridge UK based graphene specialist Roark Industries has released a COVID-19 testing kit that promises to deliver results inside 10 minutes, by spitting twice into a test tube.

The test requires no professional assistance and does not use reagents. The use of two of these filters allows specific elements to be trapped. In this case the element is CRP (C-Reactive Protein). Elevated levels of CRP indicate COVID-19 as an increased level suggests inflammation.

The filters in Roark’s tests are tailored in such a way that if the CRP level is above a certain limit, the membrane will become blocked and prevent anything from passing through. 

This is why Roark have called the test the “two spit test.”

The first spit will fill up 40% of the pores if the CRP level is normal, and upwards of 51% if the CRP level is heightened. The second spit would fill up the same level. This would mean that if levels were heightened then a minimum of 102% of the pores would be filled. This would prevent all other molecules from passing through. If CRP levels are normal then only 80% of the pores would be filled meaning that other molecules would pass through entirely.

The identifier of COVID-19 is therefore residual liquid on the second filter after 10 minutes.

As Roark manufacture graphene and graphene oxide in bulk, it is confident of being able to deliver a cost effective test for both industry and governmental schemes.

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